Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chowder & other news

Well everybuddy it's been a busy few's me Ernie.  Chowder was adopted yesterday.   The brown and white dog is his new sister Bella. Look at those tails wagging.  Wonder what his new name will be.....
This is our new little foster Jack.  He
Came from CA.  He had to have one of his eyes removed. But he is doing very well.  Stitches were taken out yesterday.  A 2year old Peke mix.
He came from a hoarding. Situation and has the sweetest and happiest way about him.  He has already started playing with us dogs and toys.  Mom has found 3 ticks on him so far. His hair is thick and long.  


Moms favorite pictures of Chowder.  She just had to
Include them she said.

5/31/14 Update

Jack was adopted.  He has people who really love him and the best part or maybe one of the best 
Parts is...he will be learning how to be a therapy dog and in his new family there is a boy who is Autistic. Awesome thing is the boy and Jack started to interact or connect when they first met.

Newest fosters to be added next time.. Currently have Tommy and little Louie oh yes little Lexi who is coming Sundau night.  Some day Mom, please include us your furkids and an adventure we have been on.  Wishing everyone a great weekend.  We have been among the missing again.  Mom took on some BIG projects"..tearing up carpeting and padding stuff in the house. Painting the walls, declaring war on weeds in flower beds, and today washed and waxed the car.  ...

Friday, April 4, 2014

That's my Chica .. Oreo yay!

Hey everybuddy,  it's me Chica.  We voted and I won.  I get to do a post about my pawtastic day.  M got all of us  up and fed.  Then the surprise!  The others all stayed home and I got to go on a day trip.
We were in the car for a lonnnng time as far as I was concerned.  M said it was only about an hour. Good thing I rested on the trip. It was RAINING. Lots and was Muddy.
We went to a farm with lots of sheep and ducks.  Having trouble posting my video.

When I went into the pen  with the big sheep, it was raining Hard, very muddy,.  I am not a big fan of heavy rain.  So I decided I wasn't really into sheep.  I walked to the gate and was ready to leave.  And  Mom was laughing hard.  Just not was decided to send me to the duck pen. 
Did I ever show and surprise everyone.  Joe only had to correct me 2 times....once I had a stubborn white duck by the throat and when I grabbed some tail feathers out of  one of the others.
After that Joe only had to remind  me by saying "steady" or "easy".  And I was awesome.
Mom thought I was doing ok.  What did she know. Joe told me I was doing great and was a fast learner.  Everyone congratulated me on doing so well and  I felt good.  I want to go again.  Mom promised she would work on getting the video ok to post.  

These little ones were with us for about a week while their foster pawrents were on a trip. Cowboy is the bigger one and Hanai is the girl.  They were about 8 weeks old and lots of fun and very playful andhey were both adopted after they went back to their foster pawrents. :-)
Now for Oreo.... she was adopted last Friday. She has an awesome big dog brother.  They were so excited and happy to adopt her.  Not sure what her new name will be but sure they are going to change it.  After the adoption papers were signed Oreo noticed her new brother Jan had a big fluffy tail.  Fun to pkay with.  She grabbed the fluffy tup and started pulling.  He ignored her and she being 4 to almost 5 lbs.  Actually pulled him about an inch.  

Have a wonderful weekend